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I have a private stock of my books that I can autograph and sell at a discount to readers who visit my website.



Book: Your discounted price for an autographed copy (normal retail price)

      Strange Worlds Near and Far:

      $11.99 (compare to retail $13.99)


$12.00 (compare to retail $15.00)

Eagle Squad:

$12.00 (compare to retail $15.00)


$14.00 (compare to retail $17.99)

Empress of Light:

$15.00 (compare to retail $19.95)

Sedona Conspiracy:

$14.00 (compare to retail $15.99)


$15.00 (compare to retail $22.95)

The Creators:

$15.00 (compare to retail $21.95)

Matrix Dreams:

$14.00 (compare to retail $17.99)


$14.00 (compare to retail $15.99)

Viper of Portello:

$14.00 (compare to retail $17.99)


$11.00 (compare to retail $14.00)

Imaginings of a Dark Mind:

$14.00 (compare to retail $16.00)

Touches of Wonder and Terror/Voyages in Mind and Space:

$14.00 (compare to retail $15.95)

SHIPPING AND HANDLING  (Media mail, bubble envelope)
One book          $3.30
Two books         $3.75
Three books       $4.00
Four books         $7.00
Five books          $10.50




1. Send your order e-mail to the mailbox on this website ( If you want a personalized autograph, tell me how you want it made out.
2. I will answer your e-mail, confirming the total price, and give you the address for mailing your payment. I accept cashier's check, money order, and personal checks. Personal checks must clear before shipment is made.
3. When payment is received another e-mail will be sent to you when the shipment is made. 

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